[Sony Official] KANDO video series


Three video interviews to introduce activities at Sony CSL are now available at Sony's official YouTube channel:

Part 1: Challenging to Contribute to Humanity and Society

Established in 1988, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (Sony CSL) has always gathered “Crazy ones” and let them challenge themselves in the pursuit of fundamental, yet applicable research to change the world. Sony CSL has pioneered research and their deployment in the areas of sustainable energy and food, AR, AI music, and many others.

Dr. Hiroaki Kitano (President & CEO, Sony CSL)
Dr. Ken Mogi (Senior Researcher, Sony CSL)
Dr. Ken Endo (Associate Researcher, Sony CSL)

Part 2: The Challenge to Expand Human Perception and Capabilities

One of the major themes of Sony CSL is “human augmentation.” Known as the father of AR, Deputy Director Dr. Rekimoto asserts that the ultimate technology does not confront with humans, but enhances perceptions and physical abilities by integrating with humans.

Dr. Hiroaki Kitano (President & CEO, Sony CSL)
Dr. Jun Rekimoto (Deputy Director, Sony CSL)

Part 3: The Challenge to Global Agenda

This new method of food production establishes micro ecosystems which restore the biodiversity and productivity, in contrast to conventional agriculture where plowing, fertilizer, pesticide and the mass production of single species are the cause of environmental destruction. Dramatic results have been seen in Sub-Saharan Africa where aridity and poverty prevail, with expectations for a new paradigm shift in food production.

Dr. Hiroaki Kitano (President & CEO, Sony CSL)
Dr. Masatoshi Funabashi (Researcher, Sony CSL)

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