[PRESS RELEASE]Sony CSL to Begin Synecoculture Proof of Concept Trial in Roppongi Hills


Towards Cities with Augmented Ecosystem Networks

Sony CSL will launch an urban Synecoculture proof of concept trial at the rooftop gardens at Roppongi Hills run by Mori Building Co., Ltd., beginning from November 2019.

Through this experiment, Sony CSL will not only explore the possibilities for urban Synecoculture, but also views the planters themselves as a way of experiencing various ecosystem cycles in the raw. Moving forward, Sony CSL will continue to offer proposals for creating urban areas that feature augmented ecosystems in various locations. The knowledge gained from this experiment will also form the basis for the creation of a Synecoculture-related learning platform that will include "Synecoculture Principles Learning Kit," workshops, and more.

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