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Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
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February 21, 2022
Sony Computer Science Laboratories
"Open House 2022"

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (President and CEO: Hiroaki Kitano; hereafter referred to as Sony CSL) will hold its "Open House 2022" starting on March 16, 2022. The event will be fully online, and it will be Sony CSL's first open house open to the public.

Sony CSL has also updated its mission statement at this timing, which describes the company's values and guiding principles. The new statement reads "Research for the Future of Humanity and Our Planet." This is an extra step to the conventional philosophy of conducting "Research for the Future of Humanity,” reflecting Sony CSL's will to reframe the human civilization to be in harmony with the sustainalibity of the planet.

Full text of the mission statement:

Sony CSL researchers will introduce their researches and discuss on how they are battling the very limits of their imagination to create a brighter future, over the three days of the Open House. Guests outside of Sony CSL will be invited to join some sessions as well.

Sony Computer Science Laboratories "Open House 2022"
Date March 16, 2022 (Wed) - March 18, 2022 (Fri) 12:00 - 20:00 (JST)
Venue Online(Zoom)
Entry fee Free of charge

Please register from the following website to participate.

List of sessions and main speakers (contents may be subject to change)
[DAY1] 3/16(Wed) Data & AI
1 [Keynote Speech] Research for the Future of Humanity and Our Planet Hiroaki Kitano
1-1a Science Meta-Revolutions & Using Failure in Complex Systems Lana Sinapayen
1-1b Neuroscience Research for Mental Health Ai Koizumi
1-1c Introduction of Medical Robotics Project for All Patients Hiroyuki Suzuki
1-2 Corporate Currency in the age of the Blockchain Hideki Takayasu, Alexis André
1-3 Hoiku Tech : How Childcare and Technology meet? Shigeru Owada
1-4 CALC : Introduction of causal information analysis and user interview Takashi Isozaki, Tetsu Natsume
1-5 Cybernetics Contact Center Project Stress-free Customer Service with AI-Human Collaboration Michael Spranger
1-6 aSSe22 project : "AI" "SDGs” ”Mitaka Forest” Takao Tajiri, Takahiro Ishikawa
1-7 Future of AI Michael Spranger, Frank Nielsen, Lana Sinapayen
[DAY2] 3/17(Thu) Human Augmentation & Creativity
2 [Keynote Speech] Human-Augmentation and the Future of Human-Computer Integration Jun Rekimoto
2-1a [Kyoto Laboratory] "Preserve and augment the traditions of Chano Yu (tea ceremony)" and "Wikitopia project (Future Cities and Citizens) in Kyoto" Jun Rekimoto, Yuichiro Takeuchi, Lana Sinapayen
2-2 Deployment at Sony CSL : JackIn Again & Open Innovation Yu Nishimura, Asuka Tejima
2-3 Life Science, Music & AI: Interdisciplinary Harmony Natalia Polouliakh, Taketo Akama
2-4 FlowMachines : AI assisted Music Haruhiko Kishi
2-5 Music Excellence Project : future musical education and our platform supporting artists’ creativity Shinichi Furuya, Hayato Nishioka
2-6 Superception : exploring a new "self" in the human-computer integration Shunichi Kasahara
2-7 Breaking 10s : What prosthetic athletes need to do to break 10 seconds in the 100m Ken Endo
[DAY3] 3/18(Fri) Sustainability
3-1 SOL - Space laser communication project Kyohei Iwamoto
3-2 Open Energy System for new normal Daisuke Kawamoto, Kotaro Jinushi
3-3 Synecoculture Masatoshi Funabashi, Tomoyuki Minami, Kosaku Ohta
3-4 Ikigai, wellness, and the science of consciousness Kenichiro Mogi
Final Future of Sony CSL Hiroaki Kitano, Jun Rekimoto

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