Koozyt, Inc.

クウジット株式会社Koozyt was founded in July 2007 by members of Sony Computer Science Laboratories who developed PlaceEngine. They plan, develop, and operate a wide variety of applications, services, and technology solutions ranging from business to entertainment purposes by taking advantage of interaction technologies that incorporate various sensing technologies such as indoor positioning, augmented reality, smile recognition, and activity recognition. Their mission is to “add more excitement to people, things and stories told in a city-wide community.”

Koozyt develops and provides interactive events and technology solutions associated with urban development, tourism, and sports promotion. They strive to tackle social challenges faced in a city-wide community in business domains such as tourism, urban development, health improvement and to find ways to enrich the mind.

Services and Products

1 Sensing and interactive technology solutions using smartphones, digital signage, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wearable devices, etc., including: PlaceEngine Indoor Positioning Solution, Smile Recognition Solution, Activity Recognition Solution, “Q.board” Sports Sensor Board.

2 Custom development of applications that enhance and amplify the value of real-world space

3 Proof of Concept (PoC) development, experimental field testing, joint research and development with private enterprises and academic organizations.

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