JackIn Eye


JackIn eye makes it possible for one person's experiences to be transmitted and shared with others from a first-person perspective. An expert can provide advice and guidance from a remote location, mediated by the visual input of the person on-scene. JackIn eye allows more freedom for the remote user to shift viewpoint away from the first-person perspective of the on-scene user. Spatial recognition technology is applied to the video stream of first-person imagery in order to spatially model the environment, and enable it to be viewed from synthetic "out of body" perspectives differing from the on-scene user's own first-person perspective. This allows the Ghost a degree of independence of viewpoint, even while accompanying the Body on its physical traversal of the on-scene environment. This solves the problem of motion sickness associated with observing another person's first-person perspective. Moreover, visual navigation techniques that employ an augmented-reality user interface rendered on transparent glass can be overlaid on the real-world view of the Body. This enables the remote user to more effectively support the on-scene user.

JackIn Eye is a joint project with the Rekimoto Lab at the Tokyo University.