Sony CSL Open House 2015


Sony CSL Open House 2015

Sony CSL Open House 2015 (TOKYO) was held from 2015 be held from October 14th (Wed) to October 16th (Fri) with Symposium on the first day, followed by demonstrations on the 15th (Thu.) and 16th (Fri).

Sony CSL was established 27 years ago with the intention of contributing to the development of society and industry by carrying out fundamental research with potential real-world applications (CSL Paris marks its 19th anniversary this year).

The Open House is organized alternately in Tokyo and Paris to serve as a venue for our researchers to share their latest activities, and to earn valuable insights from the visitors, and to discuss on how we can cooperate in making positive contributions to the actual world we live in. Our first symposium in the United States was held in 2014.

Here, we share videos from the Open House 2015 Symposium.
(Please note that they are in Japanese)


Date:Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Venue: Sony HQ 2F Conference Room

Opening : Hiroaki Kitano

Session I  Global Agenda
"Year 10,000 of Agriculture"  Masatoshi Funabashi
"Future Cities, Built by Citizens"  Yuichiro Takeuchi
"A disruptive "Power" innovation - Open Energy Systems" Yoshiichi Tokuda
"Power to the People" Tsukasa Yoshimura
"Health Care - For Whom?" Kazuhiro Sakurada x Yuji Yamamoto x Yuki Yoshida

Session II: Human Augmentation

"Machine and Human" Jun Rekimoto
"How to educate AI manufacture?" Hideki Takayasu
"Creativy and the brain" Ken Mogi
"Creativity and Music"  François Pachet
"Artificial Creativity"  Alexis André

Panel Session

"Heading towards the future"
K. Endo, S. Owada, D. Yanagidaira, S. Kasahara, Y. Yamamoto, A. Andre, Y. Honjo

Closing : Jun Rekimoto