Open Energy System (OES) Project

To an era from now when communities automatically share power.

What is the OES Project vision and how will we realize it?
OES Project "From Supplying Power to Sharing Power" (03:00)

Expectations for the effective use of renewable energy are presently rising in response to global warming and the increased risk of fossil fuel depletion. However, there are various technical challenges to distributing thinly dispersed and highly time-varied renewable energy in existing power grid systems. Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) is conducting research on a super decentralized, dynamically reconfigurable Open Energy System (OES) with the aim of realizing a sustainable energy society with renewable energy.

Rethinking energy systems across the world

We are taking two approaches to realize the above-mentioned sustainable energy world. For developed countries, we are considering how we can transform conventional centralized power grid systems to distributed electric power systems that mainly use renewable energy sources. For developing countries, we are working on building scalable, regional, off-grid power systems that can minimize costs and easily cope with the expansion of users. Based on the motto "Act Beyond Borders," Sony CSL has conducted field demonstration experiments from the inception of the OES Project.

The OES approach

A sustainable energy society:

Using renewable energy with storage batteries to level out fluctuations in generated power and implement efficient consumption

A disaster resilient energy infrastructure:

Using storage batteries distributed on the grid, we can build a system that is able to automatically determine and deliver power to required locations

Realizing a society of local production for local consumption:

Realizing regional power interchange by utilizing the above system, and contributing to local production for local consumption

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