Cybernetic Intelligence

Sony CSL aims to make real-world systems and processes intelligent based on AI and data analysis in the research area of cybernetic intelligence. This area of research has the potential to greatly change the world by expanding human creativity and intellectual ability.

Data analysis research which has succeeded in improving yield in semiconductor factories from ideas of economic physics, not only solves problems of economic activities in manufacturing, but also shows just how versatile big data analysis is in the real world. We are developing this and are currently working on research to construct theoretical physics in artificial intelligence.

Starting with a basic theory that combines the study of statistics and thermodynamics, we are devising new methods and algorithms, including the application of thermodynamic statistical analysis, in the study of causal information analysis that enables identification of causality from big data. This suite of technologies, name CALC, has been developed to analyze various real data inside and outside of Sony. We will continue to extract useful information from big data, and aim to build technology in forms that can be understood by humans.

We are constructing cut-edge machine learning theory in the new research of computational information geometry which combines computational geometry and information geometry, and in visual computing that combines computer vision and machine learning.

We also conduct research on geometric music space, research on intelligence and language evolution, and research and social implementation of music creation tools based on research on machine learning and signal processing technology.

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