Morphing Identity

What is our identity? This work provides an experience in which a face that you know to be your own will be transformed into the face of another person. Based on the human perceptual characteristics of visual changes, computationally created perceptually smooth change is applied to the facial image and composited in real-time, causing the face to change without perceiving the change. By focusing on the fluidity of identity that facial images have, we explore how the self that you think you are and the self that others think you are can be transformed.

This research is one of the research and engineering Framework called "Superception(Super + perception)", built by Shunichi Kasahara, a researcher at Sony CSL, with the intention of transforming and expanding human perception and cognition using computer technology.


Concept and Research
- Shunichi Kasahara (Sony CSL)
- Shunichi Kasahara (Sony CSL)
- Kye Shimizu (Sony CSL )
- Naoto Ienaga(Keio University)
Technical Assistant
- Kazuma Takada(Sony CSL)
- Maki Sugimoto(Keio University)
- Taku Tanichi (Sony CSL)


Media Ambition Tokyo (MAT). 2021.5.12WED– 6.8TUE, Tokyo City View, 52F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

Sony Park Exhibition”Research for the Future of Humanity“. 2021.07.24-2021.08.10. Ginza Sony Park

project page(Superception lab)

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