Prosthetic Limb for athletes

競技用義足In the past, it was considered unthinkable that a disabled person could surpass the athletic performance of an able-bodied person. But in recent years, the gap has been gradually closing. Of course the ability of the individual athletes is a factor, but technology advances have also played a major role.

One of Ken Endo's research projects at Sony CSL is a prosthetic leg for athletes. Applying the knowledge of biomechanics obtained in his work on robotic legs, Endo aims to have this prosthesis for athletes ready in time for the 2020 Paralympics.

In 2014 Endo and former track and field athlete Dai Tamesue founded a company called Xiborg to train athletes in the use of this prosthetic leg. Their objective is the 100-meter dash. If they can help disabled athletes achieve faster times than able-bodied ones, it would transform how the world sees disabled people, Endo believes. That vision fuels him as he continues to pursue this research.

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