A research framework that uses computer technologies to intervene in the process of human perception and to connect multiple senses together. By engineering perceptions, the boundaries of human capabilities can be redefined, thus augmenting the limits of human perception and enhancing new interpersonal relations such as empathy.

If conventional engineering to access digital data or to perform real world functions using computers is to be referred to as "interface engineering," the approach we take with Superception is "perception engineering." We are becoming capable of precisely controlling human inputs and outputs by applying sensing technologies and virtual reality. We believe that Superception will be an engineering platform to control such human senses.

Shunichi Kasahara has been taking two approaches in his conducting further research on Superception.
1. augmenting input/output modalities
2. engineering parameter of perception

Here below are his projects.

Superception #1

augmenting input output modalities

Parallel Eyes: exploring human capability and behaviors with paralleled first person view sharing

HeadLight :
a wearable wide-angle projector system for egocentric visual augmentation

Superception #2

engineering parameter of perception

Malleable Embodiment :
sense of embodiment in virtual reality

Preemptive Action :
accelerating human reaction using electrical muscle stimulation without compromising agency

Related Projects :
Parallel Eyes ; Malleable Embodiment; Preemptive Action; HeadLight; Fragment Shadow