Interactive Aesthetics

A tool to develop creativity and cultivate the senses of entertainment and wonder

Interactive Aesthetics is a collection of interactive art applications, sophisticated games and visualization experiments. This grouping of multiple elements aims to push the envelope on procedural generation, games and human perception. 

Examples of Interactive Aesthetics

Interactive Aesthetics_ページ用

Lower middle:Connect : Artistic work on the connectivity of network nodes
Lower right : Black Hole Pen : Artistic experiments on the nature of drawing
Upper right : Piping Trebuchet : A puzzle-game using the Trebuchet font

Artistic work is evolving into a new stage. The lines between material and medium are blurring, and game elements are becoming inseparable from art installation. Interactive Aesthetics, put simply, is a way to harmonize the elements mentioned above. For a prototype, visit the Project Page site (see below).