At present a physical disability may indeed be a disability, but in ten years’ time this may no longer be the case.

What if we create technology that moves exactly like the human leg to enable people without lower limbs to walk, and even run, like everyone else? If this can be achieved, will having no legs even be considered a disability?

There is little doubt that we are moving towards a future where everybody will be free to move their bodies without physical restraints.

Our aim is to make this future a reality by expanding the possibilities of the human body through robotics.

A perfect union of Hirotada Ototake, born without arms or legs, with the very latest technology. This is the essence of technological and human potential.

The OTOTAKE PROJECT is ready for activation.

Research by:

  • Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

Key Members:

  • Ken Endo (Sony CSL)
  • Hirotada Ototake
  • Tetsuo Tawara (Sony CSL)
  • Hiromizu Takeshima (Sony CSL)
  • Atsuo Okino (OSPO)
  • Tetsuya Konishi (exiii design)

Past Members:

  • Hirozumi Takeshima (Sony CSL) 2018

Movie Produced by:

  • Generation 11 Pictures

* This research project is supported by JST, CREST, and JPMJCR1781.