Currently, Sony Computer Science Laboratories – Kyoto (Sony CSL – Kyoto) is seeking candidates for the following positions.

Researcher (all levels)

Applicants to full-time researcher positions must display the potential to develop original, long-term research plans and pursue them autonomously. We look for independent-minded candidates who combine solid disciplinary expertise with an iconoclastic attitude and a will to explore uncharted territory. We provide such researchers with a stable, supportive environment that encourages deep thinking, sustained attention, and academic risk taking.

The lab houses a standard range of equipment needed in computer science research, including workstations, digital fabrication tools, electronics workbench, etc.

We encourage collaboration with external institutions such as universities, albeit with the understanding that researchers at Sony CSL – Kyoto are expected to be leaders who pursue unique visions and self-initiated ideas.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding job opportunities.