[PRESS RELEASE]Launches Music Excellence Project


Sony CSL today announced the launch of the Music Excellence Project, an initiative that supports the development of promising young musicians. The Project's first study forum is the Academy Program, beginning on August 1, 2020. Combining physical and arts education in the world’s first holistic piano study program for young musicians, the Academy Program will enable students to pursue excellence in musical expression and the sustainable development of skills as they pursue artistic maturity.

Using state-of-the-art physical and art education, the Academy Program precludes the buildup of negative pressures and enables a pianist to focus on the pursuit of outstanding musicality. In the Physical Education Program, students learn how the brain and body work (functions) and how to make the best use of the body (skills). They study effective practice methods and how to prevent both injury and the psychological stress that comes with failing to perform under pressure. In the Arts Education Program, they study music to international standards and receive guidance as they develop their own forms of musical expression.


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