Collaboration with Nishijin-weaving 

Member: Jun Rekimoto  Lana Sinapayen  Asahi Adachi

We are taking on the challenge of creating new products by incorporating cutting-edge technology into the tradition of Nishijin textiles. There are many manufacturing processes involved in the production of textiles, including design creation, pattern paper creation, yarn dyeing, and weaving.

As a first step, we are currently producing Nishijin textiles based on designs created using artificial intelligence that generates images from keywords/sentence. Recently, image generation models based on diffusion models have attracted much attention. We have applied these to the production of Nishijin textiles, generating textile patterns by performing additional training using existing traditional patterns as needed.

In the future, we will explore ways to fuse traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology in other manufacturing processes as well.

Collaborator : Fukuoka Weaving

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