立体茶会記 / 3D Chakaiki (tea ceremony record) by NeARportation

メンバー:暦本 純一、廣井 裕一

Member: Jun Rekimoto  Yuichi Hiroi


NeARportationは、釉薬の斑紋や寒天の透明感など、茶器や茶菓子の生み出す繊細な視覚的質感を立体的に再現するためのフレームワークです。本フレームワークは、Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) と呼ばれる深層学習を用いた自由視点画像生成技術と、裸眼3Dディスプレイにより構成され、ユーザの視線に応じてリアルタイムに対象物体の立体映像を提示します。本技術により、歴史的・文化的価値の高い茶会記を、視覚的情報の再利用が可能な情報アーカイブとすることで、時代に合わせた新たな茶道文化の創成を支援することが期待されます。

Chakai-ki is a chronicle of Japanese tea utensils and confectioneries. It is based upon the experiences garnered during tea ceremonies and constitutes a significant aspect of the rich 490-year history of Japanese tea ceremony culture. We propose to create a three-dimensional ver. archive of Chakai-ki, which has been relegated to mere textual records, by meticulously recreating the intricate visual aesthetics produced by the utensils and confectioneries.

Our framework, NeARportation, reproduces the visual aesthetics in tea utensils and confections, such as the patterns of glaze and the transparency of agar. Comprised of Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF), a deep learning-based free viewpoint image generation, and a naked-eye 3D stereoscopic display, our framework delivers real-time 3D stereoscopic images of objects according to the observer's perspective. This technology has the potential to foster a revitalized tea ceremony culture by transforming tea ceremony records, which possess a wealth of historical and cultural significance, into a rich repository of reusable visual information.