Lana Sinapayen

I research Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence. I am especially interested in finding which definitions of these concepts, 'Life' and 'Intelligence', are most useful to help us implement them inside artificial systems. I have recently been working on the relationship between failure and learning, and its application to the study of visual illusions as well as classification and reinforcement learning. My ongoing projects also include research in the domains of Astrobiology (finding life in the universe), Open Ended Evolution, and cellular automata. I have been advocating for open science and promoting new research practices through community service for various science organizations, as well as through my Open Collaboration platform 'Mimosa'.

Artificial Life / Artificial Intelligence / Neural Networks / Learning / Prediction / Perception / Visual Illusions / Astrobiology / Open Ended Evolution






Lana Sinapayen first joined the research world through an internship at the Honda Research Institute in 2012. In 2015, she completed a double-degree program, consisting of a degree in Information Sciences Engineering from the French National Institute of Applied Sciences, and an MS in Computer and Mathematical Science from the University of Tohoku in Japan. Shifting her focus from mathematical models to embodied cognition, she received her PhD in 2018 from the University of Tokyo, where her doctoral research focused on artificial life, and where she received the Ichiko Memorial Prize. She was also the recipient of a scholarship from the Integrated Human Sciences Program. In September 2018, she joined Sony CSL as an associate researcher. Her current ambition is to develop a new way of understanding cognition by embedding cognitive algorithms in real world applications.