Music Excellence Project


Dr. Furuya's work on the Music Excellence Project was featured on the Sony Corporate Blog.

Is culture sustainable? A novel music education approaches both art and body


At Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL), established in February 1988, researchers endeavor to create new research areas and paradigms, as well as new technologies and businesses for the common social good. One such pursuit is the Music Excellence Project, which holistically provides physical education and art education for young pianists.

In this project, Sony CSL senior researcher Shinichi Furuya asks the question "Is culture sustainable?" while aiming to enable musicians, who are the leaders of culture, to learn how to make the best use of their bodies efficiently based on findings from physiological and neuroscientific research. The goal is to free musicians from physical discomfort and psychological stress so that they can concentrate on the pursuit of sophisticating musical expression. This blog will introduce Furuya's thoughts on how we can help musicians break through their perceived “virtual” limitations and realize a society in which the culture of music can evolve to new heights.

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