【Conference Proceedings】Complex Computational Ecosystems 2023


The proceedings of the First International Conference on Complex Computational Ecosystems have been published.

Complex Computational Ecosystems
First International Conference, CCE 2023, Baku, Azerbaijan, April 25 - 27, 2023, Proceedings

The conference was held in Azerbaijan during April 25–27, 2023 and was attended by the following members from Sony CSL.

■“Vegee Brain Automata: Ultradiscretization of essential chaos transversal in neural and ecosystem dynamics” (Masatoshi Funabashi*)

■“Modeling ecosystem management based on the integration of image analysis and human subjective evaluation - Case studies with synecological farming” (Shuntaro Aotake*, Atsuo Takanishi, Masatoshi Funabashi*)

■“Models for the Computational Design of Microfarms” (David Colliaux*, Pietro Gravino*, Peter Hanappe*, Julian Talbot & Pascal Viot)

*...Sony CSL

【AWARD】Best Non-Student Presentation Award at Complex Computational Ecosystems 2023 - M. Funabashi (2023/2/8)

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