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Tomoyuki Minami
Project Engineer

Across Japan, aging and depopulation are leading to the ruin of the country’s farmland. In the area where my grandparents live, I have seen firsthand the process of rapid aging and depopulation, which has given me a keen awareness of the problem. Synecoculture can be implemented with resources to spare, even on a small scale, and I believe that by spearheading its adoption, we can solve the problem of fallow farmland in the Japanese countryside. Right now, you need to know certain rules and guidelines in order to carry out Synecoculture, but we are developing a system that will ultimately allow people to set up a Synecoculture farm with ease, even without knowing those guidelines. Our goal, with the cooperation of people not just in Japan but around the world, is to use this system to collect and analyze data on biodiversity, which will make it possible for anyone to set up a Synecoculture farm with ease. I want to make a difference.

Synecoculture / Augmented Ecosystem / Biodiversity / Megadiversity Management Systems / Open Complex Systems / Ecology / Agriculture / Citizen Science / Ecosystems Management / Open System Data Analytics