[Interview] AXIS Vol.223 KYOTO


Interviews with J. Rekimoto, the director of the Kyoto Laboratory, and researchers Y. Takeuchi, L. Sinapayen, and Y. Sakai were featured in the design magazine "AXIS" Vol. 223.

The uniqueness of the city inspires researchers Visiting Sony CSL Kyoto - Laboratory

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.  has given birth to numerous leading-edge technologies since its foundation 35 years ago inside the Sony group. It allows its researchers to direct projects on their own, with an aim to contribute to the future of society with a long-term perspective. We meet exceptional people at Sony CSL’s newly established Kyoto Laboratory, look into their researches, and find out how they chose Kyoto as their new branch. By listening to their voices, we uncover the necessities of how innovativeness within a person can be nourished and demonstrated in studies.


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