Flow Machines

About Flow Machines

Flow Machines is a research and deployment project aimed at achieving augmented creativity of artist in music.

Throughout the music history, creativity of artist had been extended by inventions and technical improvement in each era which always brought music to a new stage. Starting from invention of various instruments, synthesizer and drum machine's appearance had realized new music.

Flow Machines continues challenging to create new music together with artists by developing new technology based on leading-edge machine learning and signal processing technology.

Flow Machines was first developed in 2012 as a part of the research on the use of AI in music composition by Sony CSL Paris and University Pierre and Marie CURIE. Today Sony CSL, in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment Japan Inc., continues its further studies and applications.

How it works

The main part of the Flow Machines project is Flow Machines Professional. Flow Machines Professional is an AI assisted music composing system.

Using this system, creators can compose melody in many different styles which he wants to achieve, based on its own music rules created by various music analysis.

Creators can generate melody, chord, and base by operating Flow Machines. Furthermore, their own ideas inspired by Flow Machines. From here, the process will be the same as the regular music production. Arrange them with DAW, put lyrics, recording, mixing, mastering etc.

Flow Machines cannot create a song automatically by themselves. It is a tool for a creator to get inspiration and ideas to have their creativity greatly augmented.


Flow Machines