Cybernetic Humanity


The project page for "Cybernetic Humanity" is now available.

Cybernetic Humanity is a new research field that focuses on the "new humanity" emerged from the integration of humans and computers, and explores it through approaches from both computer science and human science, advocated by Dr. Shunichi Kasahara

Dr. Kasahara has proposed and conducted research on Superception (a term coined by combining Super + Perception), which uses computer technology to engineer and transform perception, the root of human existence and capabilities.

Beyond this framework, Cybernetic Humanity focuses on the following three domains. Research and development of augmentation of perception and ability (Superception) by means of technology, elucidation and design of subjectivity enabled by the technology, and exploration of the social image in which these augmentation technologies and subjectivity are implemented.

Cybernetic Humanity

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