The New Context Conference 2017



Dr. Jun Rekimoto, CSL Deputy Director of Research,and Dr. Masatoshi Funabashi, CSL researcher, will be talking at the upcoming The New Context Conference 2017, to be held in San Francisco from Nov.3-Nov.4.


「The New Context Conference 2017」


《Day 1 Jun Rekimoto

Date and Time : November 3(Fri) 9:35~
Program : Keynote
Theme : Human-computer interaction, computer augmented environments and computer augmented human (human-computer integration).


《Day 2 Masatoshi Funabashi》

Date and Time : November 4(Sat) 15:40~
Program : Session 4 Co-living with Nature
Theme : Synecoculture: Renewing Agriculture to Rebuild a Broken Environment