Sony CSL Paris was founded in 1996 and it is a small but booming research cell, using tools from complexity science, data science and artificial intelligence to investigate fundamental questions in areas as diverse as: understanding and creating music, language and communication systems, sustainability, innovation dynamics and creativity.

The music  AI team collaborates with artif icial intelligence to interactively create interesting music. The team focus ranges from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary popular music from the perspective of the studio musician.

Research in language processing investigates how construction grammars can break the glass ceiling of current language technologies and achieve both deep semantic understanding and appropriate language generation. These efforts build on ground-breaking experiments on self-organizng communication systems that investigate how a group of autonomous agents are able to invent and negotiate their own communication systems.

How to build a sustainable society has recently become a major issue as natural resources get depleted and climate change is of great concern. Sony CSL Paris has launched a number of projects to raise awareness about the issues through volunteer computing for climate modeling and participatory sensing of pollution.

Research on Innovation Dynamics and Creativity focuses on the way in which the “new", in its multiple instantiations, emerges in human, social, technological, biological and artificial systems. The threefold theoretical, computational and experimental effort aims at unfolding how humans and machines explore the space of possibilities and find new solutions.

Sony CSL Paris plays a leading role in the areas it has chosen to be active in. It produces a steady stream of papers in the most prestigious journals and conferences. The lab is viewed as highly innovative and plays a leading role in European IT research.

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